"Goddess Butter is wonderful. It's organic, locally made, has my skin feeling more hydrated than ever! and smells great without having an overpowering scent. I feel like I am taking care of myself when I use it."
- Sara Potgeter‎

"I've been wearing Goddess Butter everyday since Jazz Monique Hudson hooked it up. Everywhere I go people stop me and ask me, "What's that fragrance?" My son can't stop nuzzling my neck. And my hubby hands always find themselves on my skin lately. Added bonus: Hubby put some in his beard, and it's softer and smells fabulous. Get yours!!!"
- Ryan Austin

“I love my Goddess Butter. I use the original raw shea butter for my beard and it feels amazing, it keeps my beard moisturize and the ladies love it. I'm all in for using organic products for my body and I will mos def be supporting Goddess Butter products!”


“I’ve used the Lemongrass and Lavender Goddess Butter in my practice for Womb Massage for two years. I trust the quality, smell , and feel the high vibration of Goddess Butter. The whipped texture is smooth and ready to apply. I have referred my Clients directly to the Creatress for orders. I massage the Frankincense on the bottom of my feet before meditation and on my Husband's back.”


"I bought a small jar of Goddess Butter yesterday at #BlackWomanIsGod opening at #SOMArts. Can I just say wow! What a luxurious blend! I got the original blend shea & Coco Butter. It smells naturally yummy (not rancid). I will be headed to Mandela Foods to get a larger jar for sure.

- P. Farmer